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Zoning Verification

Want basic zoning, future land use, and open violation info on a parcel?
Here is what you get for free.

  • Current zoning classification
  • Future land use designation
  • Overlay zones, if any
  • Future land use references, if any
  • Current zoning classification regulations
  • Open code enforcement cases
For a basic zoning verification summary enter the 12 digit parcel number (no hyphens)
Unincorporated county parcels only

Need more than just the basic info?
Any request that requires research by staff is charged a nominal fee.

    You simply:
  • Create a Connect Live account
  • Click the Apply link
  • Select the Zoning Verification link under Planning
  • Enter the details of your request and submit
    We will:
  • Research your request
  • Prepare a zoning verification detailed summary and create a bill
The researched detailed summary will become available online when the bill is paid.

Online Services
Non-registered Services:
  • Research permits, projects, cases, violations, contractors, and more
  • Submit a complaint
Registered Services:

Simple Access to Complex Data
Connect Live is designed to help you easily find the information you want. We've taken a customer friendly approach to the way our data is shown. If you are looking for code references or regulations, please use the links to at the bottom of the page.
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